When Nature Fights Back:

Challanges to the Anthropocene

and Environmental Narratives



Date: April 17, 2020

Venue: Gentry 144, University of Connecticut

Recent attention has been dedicated to the study of environmental narratives that relate to current threats to the survival of the planet: global warming, environmental catastrophes, the extinction of species, massive migration crises, etc. A multidisciplinary approach to the discourses that have shaped our understanding of the human sciences is necessary in order to challenge the anthropocentric logic that has framed discussions on the topic. The binaries of nature and culture, human and non-human, subject and object, need to be reexamined not as the polar opposites in which they have been traditionally articulated, but as part of a larger complexity. To this end, the investigation into the multiple and fragmented concept of the human and its environment must, perforce, include input from a broad range of human sciences, including anthropology, geography, sociology, political science, philosophy and literature. These discussions would benefit from from the incorporation of recent theorizations that contest the centrality of the concept of Man and its historical implications in fields such as gender studies, animal studies, decolonial theory, and critical race theory, to name a few. Such approaches drive towards an answer to the question of how “Man” and Nature are culturally and socially constructed, and they allow for a critical elaboration of new epistemologies.
The X Annual Langsa Conference will take place on April 17th and welcomes papers and panels on the topics below. Abstracts must be submitted in English and must be between 200-300 words, include speaker’s institutional affiliation and short bio. Presentations will be no longer than 15 minutes and panels no longer than 60.
All selected papers will be submitted to The Quiet Corner Interdisciplinary Journal, the open-access digital publication of the Department of Literatures, Cultures and Languages at the University of Connecticut[1]. We have partnered with The Quiet Corner Interdisciplinary Journal and aim to produce a volume featuring articles by this year’s presenters.
- Animal Studies
- Disablity Studies
- Medical Humanities
- The Anthropocene
- Environmental Humanities
- Postcolonial Studies
- Atmospheric Studies
- Film Theory
- Post-Humanism
- Biopolitics
- Gender Studies
- Racism and Xenophobia
- Cultural Studies
- Linguistic Studies
- Urban Studies
- Decolonial Studies
- Migration and Borders
- Visual and Media Studies
- Digital Humanities
All submissions must be emailed to langsa.uconn@gmail.com before February 29th. (Extended to March 8th)
[1] Abstracts will be due February 29th (Extended to March 8th). If accepted, finished papers will be submitted on the day of the conference. Submission does not guarantee publication. All papers go through a double-blind peer review before publication. Authors will have the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from peers or scholars in the field.


Call for Papers - Deadline extended to March 8th


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