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New Officers

As we announced last week, the polls for electing the LANGSA Executive Board 2014-2015 have been closed at 12pm today, Wednesday April 2nd, and we are in a position to announce the new officers for the 2014-2015 term.

Please congratulate:

President: Niko Tracksdorf

Vice President: Arnab Roy

Secretary: Ruth Yuste Alonso

Treasurer: Kristina Reardon

PR: Silke Gräfnitz

Senators: Nicole White and Ruth Yuste

Student Representatives: Melina Masterson and Karim Mabrouk

At LANGSA, we want to thank everyone for the participation. It has been a pleasure to have so many people running for positions and so many people voting! For those who won, congratulations. For those who did not this time, we really want to stress that this only means you will not have official obligations with LANGSA. However, we encourage you all to take the strength and motivation put into the election process to a higher level, cooperating with the new officers and all your fellow members of LANGSA to make this organization bigger and bigger. We all are LANGSA.

Thank you all again and have a great day!

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