LCL Grad News

Welcome back, LCL Grads!

As we prepare for yet another year academics, exciting adventures, and unforgettable memories, LANGSA would like to welcome you back from your summer break! For the new graduate students to our department in both master's and Ph.D programs, LANGSA would like to welcome you all to Connecticut, UConn, and the LCL department. We look forward to learning from, and collaborating with you on, both, academic and social levels. To students, both, old and new: we would like to remind you that LANGSA is here as a body that is made by and for you to provide informative workshops, our annual conference and film festival, plus, many other exciting things! The first event we have planned for this semester will take place on during the second part of our departmental orientation. We have separated a time to have a Meet & Greet! The event will take place on Friday, August 28th from 10-11am. Light refreshments will be served. As a reminder, the departmental orientation begins this morning; I've attached the orientation schedule to this email, just in case. All of us here at LANGSA are excited to bring you all, with all of your help and support, another wonderful year, as your representative body both in the department, and campus-wide. We look forward to seeing the old faces and welcoming the new ones! Here's to a great semester ahead!

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