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Thank you to those who came out to the Certificate Info Session!

In case you missed it, no worries: we got you covered.

Here are some brief summaries of the goals of each certificate program:

Graduate Certificate in College Instruction:

You will design syllabus, activities, assessments, teaching philosophy - everything that is essential for effective teaching. You are required to complete 9 credits (including LCL methodologies course).

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Graduate Certificate in Human Rights:

12 credits--courses cover topics from social justice to the foundations of human rights.

There is only one core course that you need to take. Human Rights Institute also provides unique opportunities for funding.

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P.S. We have a ton of flyers and handouts for HR Certificate in LANGSA office, so you are welcome to stop by and grab them anytime!

Graduate Certificate in Women Studies:

This certificate focuses on feminist and gender theories as well as practical research. The 12 credit certificate requires to complete one core course.

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Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science:

This is also a 12 credit certificate with one core course. If you are interested in how the brain works during second language acquisition - this is a certificate for you!

There is also another certificate on the way The Neurobiology of Language that is currently in developing stages. This certificate is more science based and requires 12 credits with the same core course.

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