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Annual LANGSA Film Festival 2016 Presents: Chinese Take-Away

Come join us at Library Video Theater 1 Homer Babbidge Library (Storrs) on Thursday, February 25th, at 7 pm to watch


by Sebastián Borensztein

Synopsis: Roberto is the eccentric owner of a hardware store and a notorious loner. He prefers collecting peculiar newspaper articles to social interaction. When he bumps into Jun, his life is turned upside down. Jun is Chinese, does not speak a word of Spanish and just arrived in Argentina. Roberto sees himself forced to help the young Chinese, but he only wants one thing: to get rid of the annoying guest as soon as possible. While searching for Jun's relatives, however, his own life is not spared from changes either.


  • Country: Argentina

  • Language: Spanish

  • Subtitles: English

  • Duration: 1h 33m

Light refreshments will be served!

To find out more information about the movies we are screeining at the Film Festival 2016, visit our web page.

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