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TALK: "Theatre in India: Traditional and Experimental"

Join us on March 23rd, 2016, 3pm in Class of 1947 (Library), Storrs, for a talk:

Theatre in India:

Traditional and Experimental

The oral narrative tradition in India, with its rich mythological and historical content, is perhaps significantly alive in contemporary Theatre in India with its poetic, performative and fictive experimentations. The deep native resources have been tapped to reincarnate them in contemporary forms and content. Looking at the experimental works of playwrights such as Girish Karnad, Utpal Dutt and Habib Tanvir, Sonjoy Dutta-Roy will aim to see how they have used indigenous theatre techniques like the Yakshagana, the Jatra, the folk forms of Chattisgarh to carve out a contemporary performative space for audiences in both urban and rural settings and at the same time engage contemporary issues of politics and ethics through the medium of folk.

Sonjoy Dutta-Roy has directed several Indian plays both in English and Bengali in recent years. Presently he is working on narrative folk traditions and story telling rituals from India and beyond, focusing on aspects such as performativity, aestheticism, and political rhetoric.

Co-Sponsorsed by India Studies Program, Sociology, LANGSA, The Quiet Corner Interdisciplinary Journal.

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