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Into the New World: LANGSA Conference 2022

The Language Graduate Student Association wants to invite you to the LANGSA 2022 Annual Graduate Conference. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global crisis and led to lockdowns in many countries in 2020. The immediate and long-term consequences have impacted different aspects of our life such as our work place, teaching,ecological developments, technology, ways of communication, the arts and numerous other areas. This complex situation requires a multidisciplinary approach in order to grapple with the changes and find new ways to go forward into the new world. To address this new landscape, this conference proposes to explore possible answers to different questions: First, which fields were affected by the pandemic and how? Second, how can the humanities contribute to this discourse? Third, how has the pandemic shaped our understanding of the world as it is? Finally, what was indeed necessary in the previous state of affairs and what has revealed itself to merely be a construct? The conference will be on 03/25/2022 in OAK 236 from 2:00 to 7:00 PM See you there! Warm wishes,

LANGSA Language Graduate Student Association Danique Hofstede President Anna Reynders Vice-President Angélica Gimenez Secretary Alec Calabrese Treasurer Paul Noguerol PR and Events Representative For more information, contact: LANGSA at

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